About the School
The Lebanese school for the blind and deaf was established in 1957 by the belated first lady Zalfa Camille Chamoun.

Our school welcomes all without discrimination, it is a mixed school with daily and boarding programs, and has a contract with the ministry of social affairs. Our goal is to help our students reach their full potentials, maximum autonomy, and best social and economical inclusion in their societies.
about the school

Former First Lady of Lebanon Mrs. Zalpha Camille Chamoun, assisted by Dr. Philip Thomas and Mr. Michel Dumit, founded the Lebanese Society for the Blind, which later became the Lebanese Society for the Blind and the Deaf.

The Lebanese government offered a parcel of land in Baabda and many Lebanese immigrants living abroad donated generously towards this all- important project.

The said society founded the First National School for the Blind and the Deaf in Lebanon, established in Baabda, to become one of the Middle Eastern leading educational and vocational centers via its commitment to provide blind and deaf students with priceless opportunities to achieve their independence, find suitable jobs and become contributing members of their communities.

Dr. Philip Thomas was elected the first President of the Society's Board of Trustees and held his post from 1953 until his death in 1983. He was succeeded by Dr. Iskandar Hitti, who served until 1987. Dr. Joseph Ashkar followed and served until 1990.

Mr. Gabriel Thomas then became President until 2000, followed by Attorney Pedro Ghannam who served so passionately aiming at the school’s constant progress, until his death, in 2009. Mrs. Laure Dumit was elected to succeed Attorney Pedro and is currently the President of the Society.

  • President Mrs. Laure Doumit
  • Vice-President Mrs.Jeannette Chamoun
  • Treasurer Mr.Nadim Saikali
  • General Secretary Maitre Charbel Ghannam
  • Members Mrs. Dina Itani Kadoura Mrs. Wadad Selman Mr. John Edde Mr. Emile Issa
  • School Principal Mrs. Wadad Lahoud

  • Mrs. Samia Abou El joubain
  • Mr. Hamad Baki
  • Mrs. Lamia Baybum
  • Dr. Alfred Diab
  • Mrs Najla Hamdan
  • Dr. Fayez Nassar
  • Mr. Mounib Raad
  • Mrs. Najla Saab
  • Mrs. Shames Saad
  • Dr. Najib Saad
Our Team
Program Coordinator
Preschool teachers
Special educators
Braille/Sign Language Teachers
School assistants
Elementary teachers
High School teachers
Sports Teacher
Dance and rhythmic teacher
IT/IS teacher
Rattan/Bamboo team
Wax/wood team
Painting workshop team
Switchboard Operators
Ceramic workshop team
Weaving Team
Educational Psychologist
Speech therapist
Psychomotor therapist
Medical social worker
Program coordinator
Management Team
Management Consultants
Logistics team
Procurement team
Residential Childcare Assistants
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Chairman Letter
Fifty five years of hard struggle have culminated in a success story.

Today hundreds of our blind and deaf students are employed in decent jobs, are self supporting and lead a dignified life among their sighted piers.

Much of our success however is due to the human and humane qualities of our teachers and to our donors who so faithfully supported our school during the trying times of the war in Lebanon.
We are greatly indebted to all those who are still helping us. Special mention goes to our volunteers who donate much of their time to enhance the performances of our integrated blind students in the regular schools.

Our ultimate goal however is to succeed in expanding our services to the many remote areas in Lebanon and reach out to all the needy children who never had the chance to be loved and decently cared for.
We value any kind of donation, no matter how small will always make a difference.
We remain very grateful to all those who wish to join hands in helping our blind and deaf children lead a better and happier life.

President of the Lebanese Society for the Blind and Deaf,
Madame Laure Doumet