Social Work

The specialized social work profession in our school aims at the development of our blind and deaf students in order to restore the balance and build the foundations of their personalities and help all family members.

Psychomotor therapy

The psycho therapy aims at correcting, behavioral and psychological disorders in blind and deaf persons.
These therapy sessions depend on the development of motor skills, fine and gross, increasing the proportion of physical expression and temporal and spatial cognition.

At the household level

Early intervention, where a specialized team visits the family with a disabled baby to give support and advise on how to care for a baby with special needs and to prepare him for the later stage of moving into the life of the school.

Social intervention seeks to support the family to reinforce the status of the disabled children at the center of their homes, and to urge those around to accept disability and secure their rights.

Outreach program

Our outreach program provides services on many aspects of disability. It involves home visits in order to help families with disabled children overcome their problems, within their own community and through the use of local resources.

We work closely with the ministry of education in trying to promote change of attitudes towards disabled children inside public school through talks and public campaigns.

Speech therapy

Develop linguistic communication with the treatment of speech skills for blind and deaf pupils.
Weekly sessions that include speech drills lip-reading, pronunciation, the development of spoken and written language and voice rehabilitation.